Congrats to the May Scholarship Winners

It was an exciting day on May 16th as the Columbia International Scholarship Endowment Fund gave out the first of its 2019 scholarships to students graduating from Columbia International College. Families from all around the world gathered together at the FirstOntario Concert Hall in Hamilton to recognize the hard work and achievements of all the students. Our foundation Chair Cam Davis was in attendance to address the guests.

Congratulations to the following students for receiving a scholarship:

  • Principal’s Scholarship – Tang Tao
  • Clement Chan Founders’ Merit Scholarship – Phan, Kieu Thuy Linh
  • General Managers’ Character & Business Scholarship – Hoang Thien Thanh
  • Partner School Scholarship – Wen, Yu-Chun (CSI Taiwan); Zheng, Anqi (Shanghai Liaoyun); Miranda Alcocer, Ania Berenice (TEC); Luo, Anting (Shenzhen Foreign Language School); Wang, Yutong (Ningbo Huamao)
  • Liaoyuan Academic Excellence Scholarship – Tang, Tao; Zheng, Anqi; Zhou, Ziqi; Li, Xiaoyu; Gao, Wei
  • Jim Campbell Business Scholarship – Phan, Kieu Thuy Linh
  • Social Students Excellence Scholarship – Tseng Yi-Shu
  • English Excellence Scholarship – Zhang Jiajie
  • Scarfone Hawkins LLP English Proficiency Scholarship – Liu Jinze
  • Math and Sciences Excellence Scholarship – Li Boyang
  • Fine Arts Excellence Scholarship – Bui Duc Nguyen
  • Engineering Excellence Scholarship – Wu Yufei
  • Excellence of Character Scholarship – Christiana Osei
  • Mosaic Scholarship – Xie Cong
  • Kevin Matthews Perseverance Scholarship – Tseng Yi-Shu
  • Integrity in Leadership Scholarship – Laura Arias Fernandez
  • Model UN Top Delegate Scholarship – Tseng Yi-Shu
  • EPP Scholarship – Xie Cong
  • School Commitment Scholarship – Sepehr Makarian
  • External Community Service Scholarship – Xuan Baoli
  • Young ASEP Achievers Continuing Scholarships of Excellence in Character – Enam Nana Hermon
  • Athletics Excellence Scholarship – Marian Alejandro Heredia
  • AwayCare Scholarship – Aisana Assanova
  • Compass Group Canada Residence Life Scholarship – Aisana Assanova (Linden Hall); Justice Owase (Pine Boys)
  • 40th Anniversary Essay Scholarship – Melike Celik (1st place); Laura Arias Fernandez (2nd place); Ayshin Mehrabi (3rd place)

We are so proud of these graduates and can’t wait to see where the next step of their journey takes them. All the best to this graduating class of scholarship recipients!