New partnership with McMaster University

We are proud to announce a new partnership with McMaster University that will recognize the community contributions of Columbia International College (CIC) students entering McMaster. Eight (8) new scholarships of $5,000 each will be awarded to CIC students who are graduating in 2018-19 and starting their undergraduate studies at McMaster in 2019-20. Scholarships will be jointly funded by the Columbia International Scholarship Endowment Fund and McMaster.

CIC and McMaster have had a longstanding partnership in education, philanthropy and community involvement. In addition to CIC students annually receiving acceptances to McMaster, they have been volunteering for McMaster’s Children’s Hospital for more than 7 years as well as raising close to $100,000 through CIC fundraisers and the hospital’s walk-a-thon. This new scholarship will recognize the incredible achievements of CIC students who are serving their communities and will set them up for success as they go on to new beginnings. Thank you McMaster!

For more information or to apply, download the McMaster Scholarship application form.