Looking back at 2018

As part of its initiative to recognize academic, social-emotional, and physical excellence, the Columbia International Scholarship Endowment Fund (CISEF) supports community organizations that help students reach their educational goals.  The organizations recognized and supported provide valuable life skills for students through volunteer opportunities. Organizations are recommended by the Columbia International College Student Development Department and approved by the CISEF Board of Directors.

We were honoured to work with the following organizations in 2018:

McMaster Children’s Hospital is a family-centered hospital that focuses on the health of children and youth. The funds received from the CISEF will support the highest priority needs of McMaster Children’s Hospital and support the purchase of leading-edge equipment and patient amenities, innovative research initiatives, redevelopment of patient care spaces, and the education and training of health care providers. CIC students provide volunteer hours to numerous McMaster events throughout the year – watch a video of the students helping at the hospital Christmas Market here.

Your support is vital to McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation. Our donors, community partners and volunteers help enhance health care for children and youth from across the region who rely on the teams at McMaster Children’s Hospital, including Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre.

– Stephanie Hodgson, Development Coordinator, McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation

Ontario Christian Gleaners provides areas in need with healthy food to help feed the community. These funds will go toward the purchase of protein sources to enhance the dried vegetable mix which are purchased directly from a farm in Saskatchewan.  The protein added to the vegetables helps create a complete meal for those living in refugee camps or school children, and nutritional programs in developing countries.

We feel a special relationship with Columbia International School as the scope of our work is international. Hosting the students for a work party at our building along with so many other volunteers (many who also were not born in Canada) is a meaningful opportunity for all who are involved together on the days the Columbia students come.  Thank you for your support through both hands on work as well as financial.  We look forward to many years of working together to make the world a better place for all of us.

– Shelley Stone, Manager, Ontario Christian Gleaners

Galcom International is an organization that provides radios, audio players, and radio and broadcasting equipment to remote areas of the world. CIC students volunteered their time to help build solar-powered radios that will be sent to South Sudan – watch a video of their experience here. The radios are used to receive information about upcoming storms and how to prepare their homes and their crops and important medical updates.

Mission Services supports the homeless in Hamilton by offering shelters and programs to support the community. The funds from the CISEF help to support the following programs: Men’s Emergency Shelter, Inasmuch House – Violence Against Women Shelter, Good Food Centre (Emergency Food Assistance), Suntrac Wellness Centre (Addiction Recovery), Willow’s Place (safe drop-in for women), The 196 Afterschool Program, and the Afterschool Meal Program.

If Mission Services was a body, our donors would be our muscles. They give us the strength to accomplish the urgent work of relieving poverty in our community and giving compassionate care to our neighbours in need through financial gifts that make up where government funding falls significantly short, or is nonexistent. We are extremely grateful for the many Columbia students who volunteer with us on a regular basis! Thank you for your generous and compassionate support. Together we build a stronger Hamilton.

Shalom Village is a long term care facility with services provided within the context of Jewish values. Funds received from the Columbia International Scholarship Endowment Fund are used to support a variety of health and wellness programs offered at Shalom Village.  These include fitness and fall prevention programs, transportation for seniors, and quality of life programs, such as art classes, dance classes and other social and recreation activities that would otherwise be out of reach for the residents and participants who rely on Shalom Village programs and services.

Thanks to your support, our seniors live each day to the fullest. They are able to laugh, experience new things and meet wonderful new people that they wouldn’t otherwise meet. None of us is too old to enjoy the smile of a new friend, or the experience of trying something new. The students of Columbia College and the support of the Columbia International Scholarship Fund, is integral to our success and the happiness of our seniors.

– Laurie Pringle, Director of Communications & Engagement

Hamilton Victory Gardens transforms unused city lots into sustainable sources of food in a community where too many go hungry or do not have the proper nutritious food supply. As of 2017, Hamilton Victory Gardens has grown to a total of 15 garden sites and producing 1000’s of pounds of fresh produce harvested each year to be donated to 13 local food banks and food programs including Good Shepherd, Mission Services, Neighbour-to-Neighbour, and Living Rock. CIC students have proudly contributed over 4500 hours of community service this organization through planting, maintaining gardens and harvesting vegetables – watch a video of their experience here.